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Top Home & Garden Articles


4 Amazing Garden Lighting & Electrics Ideas for 2016

Here at Arboreta we feel there’s nothing better than being able to sit outdoors on a balmy Summer’s evening but if you want to be able to enjoy your garden after-dark, then you’ll need to consider some outdoor lighting.

You may just be content with enjoying an outdoor meal by candlelight but more and more of us are choosing to use our outdoor space as a canvas to create something more dramatic, turning the garden into a real piece of art.  For this you should consider the vast range of electrical garden lighting systems that are available – just remember though, unless you have experience of doing so, you should never attempt to install complicated electric lighting in your home, it’s just too risky.  Always hire a professional to make sure that your garden lighting is fitted to the required standard and you and your family can enjoy the experience of outdoor living safely.

For our wholesale buyers who supply the landscaper trade, these lighting systems are really taking off. More and more landscapers and electricians combined have been knocking down our door for these garden electrics. Caztec electricians Sunderland said that 2014 was there biggest year ever due to outdoor electrical installation.

If you’re after some inspiration for your garden lighting then a good place to start is Pinterest – there are lots of wonderful, contemporary designs that will turn your dull, run-of-the-mill garden into something that could have come straight out of the pages of a high-end garden design magazine.

Here are our top picks for some amazing garden lighting ideas for 2015:

  1. LED Strip Lights


led electrics

Picture by http://rhsblog.co.uk/

LED strip lighting may once have been reserved for boy racers but it has had a well-deserved promotion to the go to, simple lighting system for modern, upmarket gardens.

Highlighting underneath benches, planters and some of the darkest corners of your garden can create a beautiful, soft-glowing ambience.




2) In-built Decking Lights

decking electrics

picture by http://cdn.homedit.com/

Small but powerful spotlights, which are in-built into your decking, can create an intimate lighting experience that looks sleek and contemporary, without creating any unnecessary clutter in your garden.



  1. Garden Downlighters
garden electrics

picture by http://www.johncullenlighting.co.uk

Whereas uplighters have been used to highlight dark, shadowy areas indoors for years, it’s actually downlighters that are the choice of the outdoor entertaining types.

You could still use uplighters in your outdoor space – these are particularly effective if you are looking to highlight a particular feature, such as a tree or an ornament.  Downlighters however are more useful if you want to make a feature of something lower down, such as your patio or decking area and will cast their light over a much wider area – great for social gatherings after dark. Caztec (NE) are electrical contractors and they said this was their biggest seller in 2014



  1. Ornamental Lighting Features
lighting electrics

picture by http://dd5h0mlekaknd.cloudfront.net

If you don’t have particular plants or trees that are worth highlighting with ambient light, then you could choose to make the plants the lighting features themselves.

Greenfingers lightening supply solar lighting that would work well with this.

No need to drape strings of fairly lights over your plants – pre-lit trees will do the job for you without looking messy – and more importantly you’ll be guaranteed of safety.





5 reasons/ways a shower screen can complement a bathroom tastefully.


There are numerous ways to make your bathroom a sanctuary within your home, and perhaps the most common way is with the inclusion of a shower screen. Particular details about the shower screen are crucial to a great design. This does not mean that you give up style for functionality. To help you with this, here are 5 reasons why a shower screen can complement a bathroom tastefully.

1) The shower screens used today are available in different designs, and many will feature clear glass, tinted glass, coloured glass as well as glass with different patterns. This is a great trait as it allows you to complement your bathroom style and theme by choosing the appropriate screen. It allows an individual to customize their bathroom the way they want it. When you think about it, the bathroom is one of the most private rooms in a house. It therefore goes without saying that creating a peaceful environment should be top on your list. What better way to accomplish this than to ensure that the type of shower screen you use blends with the theme and style in your bathroom?

2) Shower screens offer a modern touch to your bathroom, thus adding a tasteful touch. The use of large panels helps to blend modern themes with a client’s personal style, thus creating a harmonious environment.

3) One of the 5 reasons/ways a shower screen can complement a bathroom tastefully is by the fact that there is available a shower screen that features an optional door gutter. The sole purpose of this gutter is the prevention of dripping water from reaching the floor which could result in accidental slipping. This gives one peace of mind as it reduces the risk of injury.

4) Shower screens can be used effectively even in bathrooms with minimal space. This means that users with such spaces need not feel left out. How is this made possible? Simply with the use of shower screens that feature sliding doors. This not only adds a touch of elegance to the bathroom, it also means that a user can tastefully furnish their bathroom even with limited space. What’s more, the sliding is smooth, thanks to modern techniques used in designing these systems.

5) Depending on the type of shower screen that you choose, there is the option of going for a frameless one. The sill found beneath the screen may be eliminated to cater for individuals who use wheelchairs. If this is not the case, it could still be removed to allow one the pleasure of a fully tiled classy floor look. This goes a long way in adding a dash of elegance to your bathroom. The fact that it is also easy to clean means that users will not have a hard time maintaining the shower screens following successful installation.


For installation of these screens by experienced, effective and well trained staff click here, this means that you will have found more than 5 reasons/ways a shower screen can complement a bathroom tastefully.


Artificial Grass will Huge in 2015 – And Arboreta Have the Best!


A perfect garden is a lot of hardwork! As every proud gardener knows, but what if there was a product that not only looked great but saved you time and money! We are proud that for 2015 we will be stocking artificial grass in a range of styles and colours and available in 4m rolls.

  • Fake lawns can be relied upon to outlast even the most well looked after garden grass. With a life expectancy of up to 20 years, you really can just put your feet up. Artificial grass is catching on fast and predicted to be in every UK street by 2025
  • Our partners inform us that with artificial grass north east home owners are really pleased with their newly transformed gardens. The savings on time, water bills, regular maintenance amongst other things make artificial grass worth investigating.
  • Our stock is due to arrive from the North East by March, so we are really excited to bring the world of fake grass to our area and on line. The grass will be delivered through our usual channels, so if your intrested then speak to Kate to get ahead of the ques.
  • The main point  why fake Grass is really the 2015 garden product is that it is low maintenance and better than real grass in terms of usability. How many times truthfully do you get to use your UK lawn? Not many, what with the rain and mud its nothing but a chore.
  • Perfect for pet owners as the grass is much loved by dogs and cats alike. For other pets please ask for details.
  • The artificial lawn is always dry and ready to use, come wind, rain hail or snow, and it clears the lawn is ready to be enjoyed once again.
  • For loads more details on the specification of the grass’s we will stock, or any health and safety issues you may be worried about then visit our partners here Newcastle Grass click here

Santa Cruz Artificial Grass Example (2)


Why everyone is going crazy for Hot Tubs and garden rooms in their Garden

By definition, a garden room is a structure that is often constructed on any one given side of the house and whose purpose is to provide extra space for the home owner. A hot tub on the other hand its just sheer luxury It is important to note that unlike a gazebo or a house extension, this room often allows for one to enjoy the landscape without any exposure to harsh weather elements. If you wanted your hot tub indoors you could use an inflatable Hot tub like an intex pure spa. This is often achieved with the use of tiled roofs, and depending on your specifications, you could choose to the room fully insulated. Garden rooms are also referred to as log cabins, outbuildings, studios or garden buildings. This is the reason why everyone is going crazy for garden rooms in their Garden. Listed below are some of the advantages that you can get from a garden room.

  • A garden room is designed in line with a client’s specifications, so this is always a great opportunity to enhance the theme of one’s home to include their preferences. The garden rooms also serve to compliment the design of the rest of the property.
  • The other advantage of a garden room is that it creates extra living space within the home. The moment you create a garden room, you will be left to wonder how you ever lived in its absence. This extra space could be converted to a garden office for those who prefer to work from home. It could also come in handy for those who are keen on expanding their families and could do with some kids’ space. The garden room is also appropriate for a home library, an instrument room, a garden gym…indoor hot tub the possibilities are endless!
  • Garden rooms cost significantly less than conventional home extensions, yet provide functional inviting space within the home. Unlike an extension which will often involve some demolition and rebuilding, garden rooms do not pose such inconvenience and will usually be ready for use as soon as they are complete.
  • The other reason why everyone is going crazy for garden rooms in their Garden is the ease of modification. These rooms may be painted just like the rest of the house, and even have power and telephone lines connected to them. If the rooms have to be altered functionally speaking, the modifications to be carried out are minimal.
  • Unlike extensions which have the capacity to cause architectural disruptions, garden rooms can be put up virtually anywhere so that even minimal outdoor spaces can be used for this reason.
  • Lastly, the fast that garden rooms do not require planning means that they can be custom made in different styles and are easier to install. These reasons make it clear for one to understand why everyone is going crazy for garden rooms in their Garden.


Here are 3 reasens why we love Hot tubs.

1) A hot tub in the garden is social heaven and amazing for parties.

2) All year round garden family fun, no matter what the weather.

3) Hot tubs for all budgets for luxury high end tub to cheap inflatables, for more on inflatables click here


See how a camping tent can be a kids’ garden sanctuary.

A play tent is ideal for keeping your child busy, and for many people, this is an integral part of development. This is what makes it important to look at the available options, and it is the reason this article provides pointers for you to see how a camping tent can be a kids’ garden sanctuary. Before you choose the type of family camping tent to transform to a kid’s garden sanctuary, there are a few factors that you must put into consideration. For a start, it is extremely important to ensure that your child has an interest in the outdoors. Kids are different, so it is wrong to make an assumption that the kid will automatically be interested. There are some children who would prefer to stay indoors, so ensure that the child is keen on spending time outdoors.

Look at the amount of space that is available. If you do not have ample space, you might want to rethink the whole concept of getting a play tent from camping material. The idea is to have a colorful tent. Remember that tents are large in size, so do not underestimate this and choose to place the tent indoors. Thirdly, you must also check the quality of the tent. The rule of thumb is that a cheap tent, while it may serve its purpose, is likely to be of lower quality than a more costly tent. Wheredoes quality come in as far as this play tent is concerned, one may ask. Quality is important because how your child plays will determine how long the tent will last. If your child is aggressive, the period it lasts will be short.

Now that we have seen what factors to consider choosing a play tent, it is important to see how a camping tent can be a kids’ garden sanctuary. The first thing to do is to modify the tent so that its theme is in line with the kind of garden that you envision. This is not as hard when you think about the fact that the camping tent is designed for use in the outdoors. This means that lively hues of green are a good place to begin. At this point, you may choose to involve your child in the process of selecting the color that will be used to paint the camping tent. in addition to this, there are many products that can be used within the tent, thus making it ideal for a playground.

Since camping tents are designed for the outdoors, it is unlikely that you will find a weak tent. You must be on the lookout, however for weaknesses in the structure of the tent that will compromise its ability to remain water proof. The tent must also be simple to clean since it will get dirty on surfaces, the inside and the outside. Stuff the tent with items that the child will find fascinating, all the while ensuring that the play tent is in excellent condition.


camping tent

Making little stickers as attractive additions will go a long way in ensuring that your child enjoys playing in the outdoors. Once this is complete and the tent is ready, allow the child to explore the immediate environment so that they learn on the go. The article allows you to See how a camping tent can be a kids’ garden sanctuary, with much of the content here been things you can do at home.


5 Key things when choosing to Landscape your garden in 2015


 Artificial Grass and pavingIt really does depend on what you are wanting but a few things we will point out are.

1) A driveway contractor is not the same as a garden landscaper. So many times we see a poorly done garden because the contractor is a paver and has no knowledge of borders, trees, and plants.


  • 2) Ask to see their work. A good landscaper will always be willing and infact very excited to show you what they have created. Either by a visit or a website or just a book of pictures. They will be thrilled to showpiece what makes them a great landscaper.


  • 3) Costs – Always establish costs, and get them in writing. You really dont want to arguing over what was agreed a few months down the line. Get written quotes and keep the to refer back to.


4) Go online – Get some ideas yourself so you are not totally being guided by you gardener. Have a look around at great garden design websites and see what is out there and what can be created. It takes no time at all, we typed in landscapers and landscape gardening and found great stuff.


5) Stick to your budget! Like any home project you start its tempting to throw caution to the wind and overspend. Don’t do it! The usual result of over spending in one area normally means you can get another area finished.

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